Poems – they come right from the heart of the poet, and say a thousand words without actually saying them. While some poems lift one’s  heart, others gently touch the soul, sometimes leaving a tear rolling down the reader’s cheek. Welcome to my blog, where I will share some of my poems with you, in the hope that they touch your heart and win a place in it. 


Dream World

Dream  World

I’ve started going to sleep waiting eagerly for dawn,

Those times of sleepless nights seem to be long gone.

I’ve replaced my idle nights with cheerful, joy-filled days,

With a hope that this is forever and not just a phase!

Oblivious to people’s opinion, I wear an idiotic smile,

And I forget all my troubles, if only for a while.

I’ve started frowning a little less and laughing a little more,

Started thinking of all the things that I adore.

I’ve started feeling like a kid in his little world of dreams,

Bounded by walls that muffle cries and screams.

A world where time creates but never does it raze,

Yet I can make mistakes and have the option to erase.

A world where a crayon can accidentally cross a line,

Yet I can admire the drawing just because it’s mine.

A world of bold moves and zero regrets,

A world where the sun just never ever sets!

The Beauty in Colors

Another poem I wrote based on a challenge from a friend. It might sound a little childish, but I liked it; It is a more cheerful poem than I usually write, and that’s something that makes it different.


The Beauty in Colors


I stare at the sky, this blissful blue,

And the warm, white clouds that pass;

All around me I see a field,

Full of dew-filled, glamorous green grass.


I wonder how these colors came to be,

For everything natural I’ve ever seen,

Has a color so pretty and so very sweet,

Be it blissful blue or the glamorous green!


The youthful yellow in the daffodil field,

Or the radiant red in our garden rose,

I wonder how these colors came to be,

What the Creator thought when these colors he chose.


Even in collision they create such beauty,

Those rainbows I see through the drop of dew;

The outstanding orange that welcomes dawn,

Spreads like fragrance into the sky’s blue.


The Creator playing with his crayon-box,

I can barely imagine what fun it must be,

To use crayon after crayon to color this world,

Painting smiles that last an eternity!


For some time now, I have been trying to write something that in some way can be related to another work that I love. And here’s the result; hope you like it!

(Read The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost before this, in case you haven’t read it already)




I have climbed mountains dangerously steep,

I have abandoned gems for they were weights I couldn’t keep.

I have sailed through stormy seas so rough,

I have been faced with sharks and I have acted tough.

I have spent nights on frozen lakes, cold to the bone,

I have hacked my way through forests overgrown.

I have walked through the fire without screaming in pain,

I have survived deserts that drive men insane.


But today life gave me options two,

And today I was unsure of what I should do.

Today I understood the sorrows of Frost,

Who stood at that fork, alone and lost.

I know he took the road less traveled by,

But did he not tell his story with a sigh?

Just as he did, I looked down both,

Till where they bent in the undergrowth.

I had spent too long there, for down went the Sun,

And I made up my mind and started walking down one….


When Fish Learn to Fly

Someone suggested the topic to me, and although it was not the kind of topic that I usually write on, I still gave it a try. Hope you all like it!


When Fish Learn to Fly


One morning, as I lay in bed,

Looking out the window at the sky overhead.

At the slow drifting clouds and the sky so vast,

I saw a school of fish fly past!


I sprang to my feet with a remarkable scream,

Slapped myself to check for a dream;

I walked to the window and rubbed my eyes,

But sure enough, they filled the skies!


Beautiful, colourful fish, floating all around,

Or should I say flying, as weird as it may sound?

I watched joyously with laughs and grins,

As the fish all flapped their tiny little fins.


I watched them all day as I went about,

Spotted a sardine, a salmon and a trout.


Curious and eager to find out more,

I went to a lake and walked along the shore.

Sure enough, I saw a sparrow or two,

A crow and something that looked like a cuckoo.


I laughed hard that day on the things I had seen,

Wiping my watery eyes in between.

But then I wondered that if fish could fly,

I could do anything I wanted, couldn’t I?



With new versions of softwares coming out so often, my father (a surgeon) and I often discuss how software development and surgery are so different in the sense that one offers so much room for mistakes while the other so little. This one is about the mistakes we make in our lives and about going back to fix them.




I wish would’ve had a retry button

Like those video games we play.

I wish I could improve myself

And have a rematch some day.


I wish I could start over

From where I last saved my game;

Just one chance and

Things wouldn’t have been the same.


But alas! Ctrl + z just

Doesn’t do the trick;

There just isn’t

An undo button to click!


Life’s not written in pencil

That we can easily erase,

Oh, how I wish

That had been the case!


Life’s typed on a keyboard

Without a backspace,

Oh, how I wish

That hadn’t been the case!


But life’s no software where

New versions fix mistakes;

It’s more like a surgery

With no retires and high stakes!

The Dark Road

Walking down the path of life, we’re never really sure about the things we leave behind and the obstacles to come. This one is about my walk on this road.

Watch this poem on YouTube: https://youtu.be/metyLr__mxw


The Dark Road


I walk down this road
And it’s dark all along,
Yet I amble on
Singing a merry song.
I have a small lamp,
And it plays its role;
But in my mind,
A concern has found a hole.
Keeps telling me I don’t know
What bends I’ll find,
What holes I’ll fall in,
Whether I forgot something behind.
For I can see nothing
Except things really close,
A garden full of flowers,
Maybe a pretty rose.
Although it troubles me,
The fact that I don’t know;
My lamp, down the road,
I’m not going to throw.
I’ll worry when the time comes
About holes and bends,
But I’m gonna live in the region
Where my lamp- light extends.


Sometimes, you have a dream, and you see a place that seems just perfect. This one is about my dream.

View this poem on YouTube: https://youtu.be/9EbonuMot-k




I walked out my door into a dreamy land,

It was the perfect place, where forever I could stand.

For I was greeted by the daffodils doing a merry dance;

I knew it was my day, it was my big chance.


The wind softly touched my cheek, the grass tickled my bare feet,

And I could hear the sound of where the ocean and land meet.

I pictured myself there, drawing a huge ‘V’,

For it was my victory day that I wanted everyone to see.


I stretched out my arms and was forced to smile,

For I felt like I could flap them and fly for a while.

I felt I could even summit that mountain far away,

No matter what it was, I could do it that day.


But I was a fool, I just had to rub my eyes,

And wake up to hear my cell phone’s cries.

That dream had still given me a sweet little smile,

I shushed my phone and just lay there for a while.


Maybe there’d be no daffodils doing a merry dance,

But I told myself that it was still my big chance.

When I walk out that door, there won’t be a ‘V’,

But it could still be my victory day if I wanted it to be!


Walking down the path of life, we sometimes lose those dear to us. This one is for those who I lost somewhere on the way.

View this poem on YouTube: https://youtu.be/RAcQ2UlUd5E




ज़िन्दगी राह दिखाती रही
मैं चलता रह गया;
कुछ अपने पीछे छूट गए
कुछ कीमती रिश्ते टूट गए |

रिश्ते टूटे तो अहसास हुआ
क्या कीमत थी उन रिश्तो की,
जिन्हें दोस्त कहा करता था मैं
क्या कीमत थी उन फरिश्तों की |
जिनके साथ चलने की उम्मीद कि थी
नाजन वह कब छोड़ गए
ज़िन्दगी भर दोस्ती निभाने का वादा
नजाने कब वह तोड़ गए |

ज़िन्दगी राह दिखाती रही
मैं चलता रह गया;
कुछ अपने पीछे छूट गए
कुछ कीमती रिश्ते टूट गए |

वे भी पीछे छूट गए
जिन्होंने यह रह दिखाई थी,
बस वह चीज़े साथ रह गई
जो उन गुरुओं ने मुझे सिखाई थी |
जिनके पीछे चलने कि उम्मीद की थी
नजाने वे कब छोड़ गए,
हमेशा राह दिखने का वादा
नजाने कब वे तोड़ गए |

ज़िन्दगी राह दिखाती रही
मैं चलता रह गया;
कुछ अपने पीछे छूट गए
कुछ कीमती रिश्ते टूट गए |

बस यह ही सोचता हूँ अब हर मोड़ पर-
काश अपने वापिस मिल जाए,
एक गाँठ के साथ ही सही लेकिन
काश टूटे धागे जुड़ जाए !

Mind Palace

It is very easy to get lost in one’s mind itself. It is a dark, lonely place. But there’s always a way out for those who look for it.

View this poem on YouTube : https://youtu.be/OHHiZwyvjqo


Mind Palace


What is happening to me,

What is this place?

This dark, empty room

I’ve been stuck in for days.


Why does my mind seem so clouded?

Why does my heart seem so still?

Has it stopped beating

Or have I lost my will-

To overcome this fear

And walk up to the door;

To push it open

And live my life some more.


Why does this place seem

Like I’ve been here before?

Why does it remind me

Of things I used to adore?


I can feel the walls, yes,

And their texture reminds me,

This is my mind palace,

Or at least it used to be!


The past hurts. But we must never lose hope, for the future could bring joy and peace to our lives. I bring to you yet another Hindi poem, hope you like it.

View this content on YouTube : https://youtu.be/nEL6lih9ZtE




आँखों में आँसू थे
वजह से में अनजान था
धुन्दला सा मेरा मन था
और दिल भी मेरा वीरान था |

हर कदम पर मैं सोच रहा था
आँसू अपने पोच रहा था
सोचा, शायद राह दिख जाए
हुआ कुछ नहीं बस और आँसू आए |

मेरे दिल के अन्दर
था यादों का समंदर
लग वह मुझे बोझ रहा था
लेकिन एक हसीं याद मैं खोज रहा था-
गहराई में शायद होगी कही
लेकिन समंदर में मीठा पानी रहता हि नहीं|

जैसे हि पानी को नदी बन बहने दिया
ख़ुदा ने भी एक अनोखा काम किया-
बारिश ने मेरी ज़िन्दगी में मिठास भर दी
मेरी ज़िन्दगी कि हर कमी पूरी कर दी|